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Entry 【Luxury Course】 Shaked Fin Fish Shampoo & Prawn Prawn Stir Fried · Crab Fried Rice etc. 10 items 5000 yen 【1 person for 1 person for free!】

By using a coupon5000 Yen

Female customers draw 5% ♪ only dishes (※ + 1580 yen additional drinks you can add!)

  • 10items
  • 4100persons
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Coming to the store until the day 12 o'clock desired date
Available days for reservation
Monday - Sunday - Public holidays - Holidays

Superb setting 【boiled shark's fin of chicken】 It is a luxurious course of the chef's full body! We prepared a variety of menu from seafood to dim sum attentively to the material! Stir-fry [stir-fried shrimp with green onion] and [asparagus Stir-fried beef] 【Sichuan Mabo Tofu】 【Shark's fin soup】 You can enjoy the authentic high-quality flavor.It is also recommended for hospitality ◎ (※ ※ including draft beer & Shaoxing wine "Drink All you can add at + 1580 yen is also possible!)

Course menu

■ □ ■ Lucky luxury course! ■ □ ■

All 10 items ★ ☆ 5000 yen

▼ 3 appetizers

▼ stir-fried shrimp with green onion

▼ Stir fry with asparagus and beef

▼ Shark's fin boiling

▼ 3 kinds of dim sum

▼ Sichuan Mabu Tofu

▼ crab fried rice

▼ Black sultry and swine

Shark's fin soup

▼ Homemade! Annin tofu


◇ How about placing an all - you - can-drink plan? ◇

【All-you-can-eat option】

You can add all you can drink at "1580 yen plus"!

All you can drink beer, highball, wine, Shaoxing wine.

Please enjoy with authentic Chinese cuisine ♪


※ The course content and all-you-can-drink drink menu by buying situation, there are times when the content is different.

2018/07/04 update