Good !! [rarity course] abalone of salt fried-incense 辣牛 meat, seafood fried, such as [one person free of more than 10 people!] 9 dishes 4,000 yen

4000 yen

Customers of women only 5% discount ♪ dishes (※ + 1580 all you can drink additional yen OK!)

It wields the fresh seafood Use plenty cook arms of the sea! Luxury [salt of abalone fry] of ingredients and, boast of authentic Chinese available, such as [fried seafood] [incense 辣牛 meat] [Gomoku buckwheat Paris] we have.Volume also perfect score ◎ Please come slowly and enjoy the authentic Chinese pulled out the taste of food.(※ draft beer and Shaoxing rice wine, including "all you can drink" is also possible to add yen Tasu1580!)

■ □ ■ Good rarity course! ■ □ ■
All 9 dishes ★ ☆ 4000 yen

▼ appetizer 3 dishes

▼ Ebichiri

▼ incense 辣牛 meat

▼ Fried three Korea (fried seafood)

▼ pea sprout

▼ salt of abalone fry

▼ Dim Sum three prime

▼ subgum buckwheat Paris

▼ homemade! Almond tofu

◇ Do you like to join us also all-you-can-drink plan? ◇
You can add the all-you-can drink in the "plus 1580 yen"!
Draft beer, highball, wine, all-you-can also drink Shaoxing rice wine.
Please try your pleasure with the authentic Chinese cuisine ♪

※ The course content and all-you-can-drink drink menu by buying situation, there are times when the content is different.