[1 people free! In more than 10 people] push ♪ [popular standard course of] Ebichiri, shrimp fried rice, such as 8 dishes 3,000 yen

3000 yen

Customers of women only 5% discount ♪ dishes (※ + 1580 all you can drink additional yen OK!)

Carefully selected everyone favorite menu! You can enjoy a taste of home! [Ebichiri] or angrily, we offer a boast of authentic Chinese, such as [Sichuan times pot meat] [Dim Sum] [shrimp fried rice].Volume is also popular of course also to perfect score ◎ banquet and farewell Mukaekai.(※ draft beer and Shaoxing rice wine, including "all you can drink" is also possible to add yen Tasu1580!)

■ □ ■ popularity of the standard course! ■ □ ■
All 8 dishes ★ ☆ 3000 yen

▼ appetizer 3 dishes

▼ of beef and green peppers Shredded fried

▼ Ebichiri

▼ pea sprout

▼ Sichuan times pot meat

▼ Dim Sum three prime

▼ shrimp fried rice

▼ homemade! Almond tofu

◇ Do you like to join us also all-you-can-drink plan? ◇
You can add the all-you-can drink in the "plus 1580 yen"!
Draft beer, highball, wine, all-you-can also drink Shaoxing rice wine.
Please try your pleasure with the authentic Chinese cuisine ♪

※ The course content and all-you-can-drink drink menu by buying situation, there are times when the content is different.