Price of surprise!? [Feel free to authentic Chinese course!] Ebichiri, dim sum, such as all 7 dishes ★ 2000 yen (additional release drinking OK yen Tasu1580)

2000 yen

Only dishes (※ + 1580 all you can drink additional yen OK!)

Super "deals" course! Authentic taste taste at this price! And [cashew stir-fry of chicken] ever-popular [Ebichiri], we offer a boast of authentic Chinese, such as [Dim Sum].Volume also perfect score ◎ (※ draft beer and Shaoxing rice wine, including "all you can drink" is also possible to add yen Tasu1580!)

■ □ ■ feel free to authentic Chinese course! ■ □ ■
All 7 dishes ★ ☆ 2000 yen

▼ appetizer 3 dishes

▼ Ebichiri

▼ Mapo tofu

▼ cashew chicken stir-fry

▼ Dim Sum three prime

▼ egg soup

▼ mustard fried rice

▼ tomato egg soup

◇ Do you like to join us also all-you-can-drink plan? ◇
You can add the all-you-can drink in the "plus 1580 yen"!
Draft beer, highball, wine, all-you-can also drink Shaoxing rice wine.
Please try your pleasure with the authentic Chinese cuisine ♪

※ The course content and all-you-can-drink drink menu by buying situation, there are times when the content is different.